Winegard FL-4000 FlatWave Mini hi-definition TV antennna - indoor, 25 mi (40km), UHF/high-VHF

by: Winegard

Category: 2-bay indoor antenna uhf vhf

Type: TV Antennas

SKU: 1410750

What's this?

A small indoor antenna with outstanding reception! When big city life means a compact living space, the FlatWave Mini is the perfect solution! The razor thin design of this ultra sleek antenna makes the Mini the best super compact HDTV indoor antenna for smaller locations. The only thing that will stand out is the picture quality!

  • Major metropolitan areas or within 25 miles of broadcast tower
  • Optimized for UHF reception (may receive VHF signals in strong signal areas)
  • Ideal for small living spaces and/or businesses
  • No big monthly cable bills!
Tech Specs
  • 7.25_ x 9.25_ flat, compact size
  • 25 mile range
  • High definition UHF
  • Multi-directional
  • 15? Coax Cable
  • 3M adhesive command strips for easy installation
What's in the Box?
  • FlatWave antenna
  • Attached 15? coax cable
  • Two 3M™ Command™ brand strips

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