Winegard FL-5500F FlatWave Amped hi-definition TV antennna - indoor, 50mi (80km), UHF/high-VHF

by: Winegard

Category: indoor antenna uhf vhf

Type: TV Antennas

SKU: 1410770

What's this?

Enhanced dual band antenna features state of the art ultra low noise preamplifier embedded directly at the elements, where 100% of the signal is amplified. Innovative USB power supply provides energy savings by only consuming power while the TV is powered on.

  • Amplified HDTV reception up to 50 miles
  • Revolutionary Clear Circuit Technology™ provides ultra low noise figure ? 1.0 dB
  • Receives more channels
  • Minimizes pixelation and dropouts
  • Extra long mini coax makes finding the ideal location easy
  • Dual band reception means you don?t miss out on channels that other compact UHF-only antennas do
    Tech Specs
    • 50 mile range
    • High definition dual band VHF / UHF
    • Dimensions: 13_ x 12_
    • Weight: 0.60 lbs
    • Multi-directional
    • Embedded ultra low noise (1db) digital amplifier for the best antenna performance
    • 18.5? mini 59 coaxial cable (attached to antenna for better quality)
    • 3? USB power cable with 110V adapter
    What's in the Box?
    • Antenna with embedded low noise digital amplifier
    • 18.5_ mini 59 coaxial cable (attached to antenna)
    • 3_ USB power cable with 110V adapter
    • Two 3M™ Command™ Brand Strips

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